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    • Tuesday, October 14, 2014
    • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    • Alliant Energy Center, 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Madison

    How to discover your brand’s timeless story and use it to make an emotional connection with your target.

    Brands that have succeeded over the long-run have a deep understanding of two things:

    1. What is their core brand story, and
    2. How to continually engage consumers in the story so that they want to tell it themselves.

    Knowing your core brand story means discovering the deeper emotional relationship consumers have with your brand, because consumers don't buy things, they buy the story about the things.

    The brand is often the prop in their own personal mythology. Engaging your consumers in the brand story means thinking about your brand more like an ongoing TV serial than a static picture. What plotlines and energy can you bring to your timeless brand story that makes it continuously relevant -- so relevant they want to share the story with others?

    In this session, Julie will share some of the secrets to gathering deep emotional insights to find your core brand story and will show you how to use these insights to energize your brand. You will walk out of the session with a deeper understanding of how brands engage consumers and practical tools to help you connect the soul of your brand with the heart of your consumer.

    Walk Away with these 3 Key Actionable Items

    1. An understanding of how to gather emotional insights from your target

    2. A framework for discovering your core brand story

    3. Ideas for how to engage your target using your brand’s story

    Meet Our Speaker: Julie Raye, Director of Brand Strategy, Brandgarten

    Julie RayeJulie has over 22 years of brand and marketing experience, ranging from Fortune 500 consumer products and services companies to non-profits. She is Director of Brand Strategy for Brandgarten, a global brand research and strategy company. She believes that discovering the right brand story is the secret weapon to building a brand that is both endearing and enduring.

    Prior to joining Brandgarten, she spent 10 years at Kimberly-Clark where she managed brands such as KOTEX® products and HUGGIES® diapers, and rose to Marketing Director in the Family Care Sector. She was Director of Marketing for the Wisconsin Historical Society for eight years, overseeing a major rebranding of this storied institution, and most recently a Brand Strategist at American Family Insurance.

    Julie has a BS in Marketing from Canisius College and an MBA in Marketing from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

    When she is not immersed in the latest brand challenge, you can find her swinging a tennis racket or golf club, or even suited up in full gear playing ice hockey.

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